Welcome to the Acton Massachusetts Republican Town Committee (RTC) website.

Looking for a few good Republicans to help us support Republican candidates. Join the ARTC!

The Acton RTC represents the over 1500 registered Republicans in the town. We are comprised of your friends, family and neighbors. Our personal backgrounds and experiences range from Social Work to Financial Services, from High Tech to Homemaking. We are both long time residents and new arrivals, married and single, parents and grandparents. We have come together to work towards our common purpose: furthering Republican ideals of liberty & the Constitution.

Tribute to Pearl Harbor

Stunning admission "obamacare" is based on lies (Lack of transparency huge advantage)

Jonathan Gruber, part author of the health care law, refers to the "stupidity of the American voter":


Immigration by the Numbers -- Off the Charts

Gaining some needed perspective on "immigration", vis-a-vis the future of the United States of America

Issues being discussed in the forums...

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