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We serve as Acton's source for Republican activism and are chartered through
the Massachusetts Republican Party. Our membership is comprised of people
with varied career backgrounds and vocations, and from many ethnicities,
religious affiliations, age groups, and income levels.

Information on the Acton Republican Town Committee

Memorial Day


Ode to Hillary

Benghazi, Bill’s ‘Bimbos’

Foundation money, Oh my…

Rogue servers, lists of enemies

Why Hill, Oh why?

‘It’s rigged!’ and you’ll fight!

(Sure, against guns and OUR rights…)

Cop killers and terrorists

To you they’re alright…

X Chromosomes matter!, your campaign will state

But really, Hill, be truthful…

What difference does it make?



Respectfully submitted by Beth



Common Core-uption

Heads-up - Common Core ballot question on the warrant for Acton Town Meeting


Ben Sasse's clear thinking on foundations of government


Sessions: Omnibus Explains Why ‘Voters Are In Open Rebellion’

Jeff Sessions hits the nail...



The Heist: How Democrats Are No Better Than Street Thugs

When Dinesh D'Souza was in prison, he realized that Democrats operate the same way a lot of the criminals did; they're pulling off a huge heist! Find out how the thievery works.




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