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The Acton RTC represents the over 1500 registered Republicans in the town. We are comprised of your friends, family and neighbors. Our personal backgrounds and experiences range from Social Work to Financial Services, from High Tech to Homemaking. We are both long time residents and new arrivals, married and single, parents and grandparents. We have come together to work towards our common purpose: furthering Republican ideals of liberty & the Constitution.

Spending is the Problem


This Cato Institute paper is an EXCELLENT read, and has MANY parallels to our current state of affairs. There is an added advantage of being able to see where various policies lead, using Rome as example, using the spectacles of hindsight and significant amounts of historical fact.

As a link, here is a short excerpt on excessive taxes. Click the link to read more about Roman statism, inflation, currency, economy and individual liberty:

"In the fifty years after Diocletian the Roman tax burden roughly doubled, making it impossible for small farmers to live on their production (Bernardi 1970: 55). [14] This is what led to the final breakdown of the economy (Jones 1959). As Lactantius (1984: 13) put it:

The number of recipients began to exceed the number of contributors by so much that, with farmers' resources exhausted by the enormous size of the requisitions, fields became deserted and cultivated land was turned into forest."

The U.S. Election is a Referendum on Civilization

Hat-tip American Thinker...

November 6, 2012

The U.S. Election is a Referendum on Civilization

By Daren Jonescu

That the election of November 6, 2012, has the potential to be a definitive moment in American history is now almost a truism. This conception may sound overblown to the ignorant and disengaged, but in fact it is a great understatement. As America is the only nation left in which freedom is still on the ballot, this definitive U.S. election means even more, in truth, than most voters may realize. It is a referendum on the survival of modern civilization.

A recent blog post at the Weekly Standard displays the results of a BBC election poll taken in various countries around the world. The results demonstrate that if the rest of the world were allowed to vote, Barack Obama would win in a Saddam-like landslide.

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