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Appeal to Concerned Actonites, participation in outreach and lawn sign campaign



The Acton Republican Town Committee feels strongly about the detrimental impact of recreational marijuana shops in Acton and is spearheading a promotional effort to inform people and promote the vote for the ban of the shops on Nov. 6th and Dec. 3rd.   As part of that effort, we are soliciting funds to help purchase signs to promote and achieve that end.  It should be noted that while we support the ban on recreational stores, we also welcome medicinal marijuana establishments – but, only as long as they remain solely medicinal.    


Accordingly, here is a brief recap of where we stand to date.


In 2016, Massachusetts voted in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana.  A year later, a five person Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) was established by the state and charged with regulating the marijuana industry in the Commonwealth.  As of July 2018, retail sales from licensed dealers are now officially legal.


However, during this 2 year period, more than 80 towns have enacted an outright ban on recreational marijuana shops.  Another 160 have some sort of moratorium in place.  Acton is one of those towns. 


But moratoriums are temporary and to effectively opt out, a ballot vote (Nov. 6th) and a town meeting vote (Dec. 3rd) are needed with a 50% plus 1 vote affirming the permanent ‘opt out’.


And why would Acton want to do this?


While there are many studies both pro and con regarding marijuana usage, the details of this “growth” industry and its rollout in Massachusetts are more troubling.


Specifically, while the legal age to buy is 21, the myriad of products to be offered often resemble the snack aisle in a supermarket, ranging from brownies to cookies to candies, all of which would certainly entice and endanger a child.  Furthermore, while retail establishments are required to test their products to determine the level of THC, no testing facility yet exists, nor has an application for one been filed.


Because marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, federally insured banks are leery about financing and/or accepting deposits from MRBs (marijuana related businesses).  This will force pot shops to be cash only businesses, creating a tempting lure for criminals.


Recently, the CCC has started a “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” PSA campaign.   While a commendable message, the fact is that Massachusetts has not yet set a threshold for a legal level of pot in the blood system, as some states with legalized marijuana have done.  Any combination of impaired driving along with the all too prevalent distracted driving (texting) spells carnage on our roads.


Acton can and should make the vote to ban recreational marijuana shops a priority.  Won’t you support this effort?  Please contribute to the Acton Republican Town Committee and put #highpriority on your check to have your voice heard.


Your contributions to this lawn sign promotion can be made to the Acton Republican Town Committee, PO Box 2015, Acton MA 01720.


Thank you.

PS: Please advise us if you would like to display a lawn sign!


Acton Republican Town Committee


Dave Lunger, Chairman

Tom Beals, Vice Chairman

Mike Majors, Treasurer

Jack Mahoney, Secretary (Bill Beebee, Acting Secretary)